Singer, musician, instrument inventor, visual artist, traveller and collaborator.

Through a life time of artistic exploration, collaborations and travel Colin Offord has developed an international art form with a distinctly Australasian character. A synthesis of music, visual art and performance that embraces western experimentalism, folk music, improvisation, East Asian, and Aboriginal influences. His activities include concerts, environmental performances, the making of original instruments and sound sculpture, exhibitions and installations, cross cultural collaborations, scores for theatre, film, dance, new media and circus, corporate and special events, community projects and workshops.

Colin has performed in music festivals, art centres, concert halls and community halls, environmental settings, galleries, museums, schools and cafes; in great cities and remote villages throughout Australia, Europe, North America, Sth East Asian, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa and the South Pacific. download full CV

“Magical and extraordinary, a musician and artist of genius. A real national musical treasure.” Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

“The combination of wild music and highly original instruments will have you raising your eyebrows and listening like you’ve never listened before. It won’t hurt, really!” Chet Williamson, Rambles Culture Magazine, U.S.A.

“Offord sings in a gloriously rich voice of exceptional range. The sound he makes carries the breath of angels.” John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Beautiful and unusual music, easy to listen to but difficult to categorize.” Jane Rickards, The China Post

“He is like a modern troubadour with his artistic crossover of Celtic, Aboriginal, Medieval and Asian music. His performances are enchanting, effortless and always an exciting event. Antoine Legat, Cultuur Magazine, Belgium

“One of the most remarkable concerts in the rich history of the Brugge festival.” Chris Delariviere, De Morgan, Belgium

“For me, Colin Offord is the Leonardo Da Vinci of world music.” Mark Bekaert, t’Bourdonske, Belgium.

“For the duration of the evening, the Bernheim Biblioteque Park became an enchanted place.”  Les Nouvelles Caledoniens, New Caledonia

“Offord is a genuine original. His music is immediately accessible, probably because without artistic pretentiousness or self-consciousness, it manages to reach into some kind of collective sub-conscious and touches sensitivities which are both mythic and familiar.” Bruce Elder, World Music, The Guide

“A voice so clean you could operate with it.“  Dr Guy Grant, Deloraine News






The Turning

Dark Water

beyond our ken

pilgrim's progress



Blackman Whiteman

Windpipe-Vidy Theatre lausanne

Mouthbow Harmonics -TNNUA Taiwan