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   Living in the CURLEW REPUBLIC
Our latest release. A lush, atmospheric live recording by Mark Smith in Coochiemudlo Garden Amphitheatre (Sthn Moreton Bay islands) and in Brisbane Jazz Club. Colin sings and plays all the usual suspects:  Mouthbow, Conch Shell, Windpipes etc with Chris Finnen: Dobro guitar & voice, Yilan Yeh: Moonbells & Waterbell and Jamie Pattugalan: drums & percussion, also some great texts by poet Phillip Hammial. !st anthem of the Curlew Republic  Pilgrim's Progress

An intimate album of songs, vocal improvisations and instrumental pieces. Colin: Voice, Great Island Mouthbow, Hulu-se, Bao Hu, various flutes and Jaws Harps with Peter Kennard and Ron Reeves: drums & percussion, Paul Jarman: Tarogato & Irish whistles and Calvin Welch: Xylopt. Nothing
  Shongweni  One who's ready to go

    WATER INTO STONE (limited availability)
A labour of love! After many live performances at Jenolan Caves, Colin and sound engineer Terry Cox returned to three of the caves specifically to record improvisations on his various wind instruments, marrying their sonorities to the resonates of the caves. It's as close as you can get to being there.

    THE SALDO - The Great Bowing Company
A Pacific journey: epic sound images, rolling sustained rhythms, textures, influences and ideas. Colin: Voice, Windpipes, Double flutes, Mouthbow & Conch Shells. Naomi Vaughan: Icongongs & Moonbells, Matthew Doyle: Voice & didjeridu, Calvin Welch and Jamie Pattugalan: drums & percussion,

    THE NORTH with William Yang (limited availability)
Colin's music for William Yang's monologue about the search for identity. includes brief excerpts from William's narration. Evokative of the landscape of his childhood and his Chinese heritage the score incorporates fragments of traditional Chinese music. Recorded live by Terry Cox at Windwood studios.